Although we all have physical bodies, we are essentially beings of energy, as well as channels through which energy flows.  The more we  open and clear these channels, the more we can connect to our true selves and express our uniqueness.

For most of us, old patterns, wounds or traumas have created blocks and distortions in our energy field, places where we get stuck time and time again. Pain and illness are caused by a blockage of energy or an imbalance in our energy field. I am trained to help re-balance and recharge the body’s energy through specific hands-on techniques.

A few of the many ways I can work with you are:

·      Dissolving energy blocks to clear, balance and strengthen your energy system;

·      Overcoming blockages due to physical and sexual abuse and trauma;

·      Tracing the energy of a current problem or illness to past-life experiences and releasing their impact in the present moment;

·      Restructuring lines of energy to hasten recovery from injuries and surgery;

·      Healing and transforming dysfunctional relationships;

·      Assisting in your process of awakening and realizing your full potential.

My intention is to meet you where you are, emotionally and spiritually, and to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your journey of self-discovery and healing.