Lucinda Kurtz


I have always had a passion for healing.  After struggling to release negative patterns in my own life, I experienced how profoundly helpful it was to work with a compassionate guide.  This relationship was instrumental on my own journey to healing and self-transformation. Now it is my intention and desire to offer others the fruits of what I have learned on my healing journey.

I believe we are each born with a unique purpose in life, blessed with specific gifts and talents.  Yet so often these talents go unexpressed.  The work we do together  helps you move through the energy blockages that keep your potential locked within you.   These blockages prevent the energy from flowing through your body, and over time can  lead to physical illness, emotional distress, mental anguish, and spiritual malaise.

In the healing process I assist you to experience the interconnection between your physical body and your emotional, mental, and spiritual health. I can help you access your innate healing capacity and follow your own inner guidance. I will be your committed listener and mirror, as you seek to see yourself more clearly and with greater compassion.  This process enables you to let go of major stressors in your life and transform old patterns of behavior that limit your full expression of joy.


  •  Are you ready to realize your potential and claim the truth of  your     unique self?

  •   Do you long to release the blockages from your body/mind/spirit and   step into a life of vitality?

  •   Are you ready to be fully present and express yourself in all aspects  of  your life?

I invite you to explore new possibilities for health and well-being.  NOW is the time to step into the fullness of your being and create the life you long to live.