Kabbalah (receiving) is the name of the mystical Jewish path of deep relationship between self and the Divine. This ancient wisdom path is a powerful path to greater self-awareness and personal transformation.

It teaches that our purpose on the planet is to become clear mirrors of Divinity by releasing the distorted self-images we have about ourselves that inevitably lead to pain, fear, and anxiety.  Ultimately, the path of Kabbalah helps us to more fully manifest our uniqueness and live with greater peace of mind within a more expanded universe of possibility.

To pass down these sacred teachings, I create Women’s Circles, the containers through which the feminine transmission of Kabbalah is experienced, embodied and integrated into our lives. In this way, I continue the interweaving of this holy work as taught in the  ALEPH program, "Secrets My Grandmother Told Me," by Reb Nadya Gross.   With her blessing, I continue this holy transmission.

In the feminine transmission of Kabbalah, the body is our receptor.  We work with movement, ritual, guided meditations, connection to nature, chanting, spirit buddy relationships and other embodied energetic practices to learn and integrate the material. The purpose of this work is to harmonize the seemingly dualistic aspects of our being into a compassionate, loving balanced whole with deep connection to Spirit.

This mystical path, though Jewish in origin, is consistent with the mystical path of  other religions at their core and is accessible to those of all faiths who seek connection to Spirit.

For information on how to participate in these Women’s Circles, both in Ann Arbor and in other locations, please see my Class listing or contact me at: lucinda@lucindakurtz.com. The cost of a 7 or 8-week session in Ann Arbor is $200.  Weekend sessions either in Ann Arbor or in your location are available.

For women who have already participated in these Circles, I offer Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) gatherings.  In this way, there is support for continuing to do the spiritual practices learned in the circles that will help deepen the connection to the Divine.