"Lucinda’s life’s work has unfolded in miraculous ways. She has been a scholar, a teacher, an activist and advocate, a healer and change-agent – all adding up to a woman of great wisdom. With her passion for knowledge and understanding and her deep humility and faith, she has the capacity to open passageways for seekers to discover their own wisdom and power.

I am delighted to count her among my colleagues and friends, and know that all who participate in her work will be very well served."

 Rabbi Nadya Gross, Creator, Women's Wisdom School,
 Co-Director of Programs and Ritual, ALEPH, Alliance for Jewish Renewal


I have had the privilege of knowing Lucinda Kurtz and have had many healings from her, all of which have been profound and life-changing for me. I believe so much in her work that I have brought friends from a long distance away to have the same experience I have had. I hope to bring Lucinda here to Chicago to let many of my colleagues in the Yoga community feel her beautiful spiritual light!

Grant Stokes, actor and yoga teacher, Chicago, Illinois


"Lucinda's class offered me a window into the deep and sacred teachings of the Kabbalah. With Lucinda's fluid knowledge and attention to the details, learning the material just seemed like a great conversation. There is reverent respect for the teachings and for you as the student which creates a very open-hearted environment. Even with no experience of the Judaic teachings or religion, I felt really comfortable asking questions and felt encouraged to explore my own answers to insights."

 Kelly Clark, 2 Hands for Massage


"It is with great honor and appreciation that I reflect on Lucinda Kurtz, as a holy teacher, mentor and leader.  As a co-founder of the Or Tzafon Retreat Center, Lucinda's visionary leadership helped to create in-person and virtual learning spaces for people of all walks of life and backgrounds.  Lucinda brings a spiritual sensitivity to her teaching and mentoring; she brings a listening heart and powerful insight from worlds beyond worlds.  In her small group work, she prepares thoroughly and also meets the moment with compassion and equanimity.  I have personally experienced the loving energy of her healing work. It has been my honor to teach, to learn and grow with Reb Lucinda."

Rabbi Chava Bahle,  Spiritual Director, Or Tzafon
Senior Spiritual Leader, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Grand Traverse


"During the almost 10 years that I have known Lucinda, I have grown to admire her both as a great teacher of Kabbalah and a wonderful healer.  What makes her unique is not only her deep knowledge of the Jewish mystical tradition and her profound mastery of the Brennan School healing techniques, but her ability to model a way of being in the world that is balanced, inspiring, and a pleasure to witness. Her teachings come alive in the way she interacts with all who cross her path, and permeate and enhance each interaction and conversation. It is a rare gift to encounter a person who is both grounded in daily life and highly spiritual. It is even rarer to encounter someone who, having mastered this knowledge, can share it with such love, enthusiasm, and skill as Lucinda does."

Corina Kesler, Ph.D., Mellon Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Michigan


"I have worked with Lucinda since 2003 and have felt really understood and helped. I appreciate Lucinda’s flexibility in doing what is needed in each healing session.  She is very present, uses her strong intuition, and brings all of her wisdom about women and energy to the table.  Working with Lucinda has deepened my belief in my own inner knowing and has helped me take responsibility for my own healing work even when I am not with her.  I feel more empowered to make the right choices for myself."

Mary Ledvina, writer


"Lucinda Kurtz is an artist of the spirit. She combines intuition and wisdom, deep knowledge of multiple healing modalities and engagement with the sources of Judaism to create settings where insight, integration and joy can blossom!"

Rabbi Elliot Ginsburg, Pardes Hannah Jewish Renewal Community                                                                                                                                                    Associate Professor, Near Eastern Studies, University of Michigan


"In taking Lucinda's Kabbalah class, I was looking forward to a gathering of intelligent people led by a kind and knowledgeable, strong woman. The class, contents and results exceeded my expectations. The class opened me back to the true essence of my being here on earth and welcomed me back on my true path in life.  Hallelujah."

Rochelle Martinez, retired teacher and musician


 "If your life wants a sun-ripening interior in your spiritual garden, I highly recommend Lucinda Kurtz's teaching of the Kabbalah.  About Love, most women are indoctrinated to do, to give, to serve with an unconscious desire to be safe and loved.  Lucinda is a spiritual teacher and a certified healer; her presence emanates a green star guiding you into your growing tree of life."

Elizabeth Alberda, poet and therapist